Michigan Lottery Club Keno: Full Guide and Best Alternatives

Michigan Lottery Club Keno 2022
Michigan Lottery Club Keno 2022

Michigan Lottery club keno is a unique game available in the state of Michigan only, with draws taking place every few minutes for seven days a week from 6 am to 1:59 am.

Played differently from the original version, club keno is fascinating and has three extra types of prizes available too, showing the versatility of this game compared to regular keno. If you want to find out how to play and learn about the big prizes available in club keno, then keep on reading.

Are you looking for real money games to play online? Unfortunately, Club Keno is not available online. To know what are the best alternatives for you, check out this list of the best games that pay real money open to players in the United States!

What is Michigan Lottery Club Keno?

Michigan Lottery club keno is played differently from normal keno in that you can select only a maximum of 10 numbers from the 80 available on the club keno ticket.

Michigan Lottery club keno tickets can only be bought in-store in the state of Michigan. So if you're interested in playing club keno with the Michigan Lottery, you will be required to seek out retailers that have tickets available.

When you are able to find a place that sells Michigan Lottery club keno tickets, you will have to decide what numbers you'd like to pick for your tickets, what your wager is going to be for any tickets and how many consecutive drawings you'd like to buy tickets for.

A prize table and prize payouts can be found on the Michigan Lottery website, which will help you understand and gauge how many numbers you believe are worth picking for each draw.

For each club keno drawing, the prize payouts are released for players who staked a $1 wager. That doesn't mean that's the maximum you can stake in club keno though, $2, $3, $4, $5, $10 and $20 are all other possible wagers. But in order to work out your prize if you stake more than $1 for your ticket, you need to multiply the winnings for $1 by however much you wager.

How to Play Michigan Lottery Club Keno

As previously stated, club keno is played differently from any typical version you may have played before. You can find a detailed explanation on the Michigan State Lottery official website, but we will give you a step-by-step process of how to play here:

  1. Firstly, you will need to find a retailer for Michigan Lottery club keno, where you will get a playslip. Like the original version of keno, for this game you will need to select how many numbers - otherwise known as spots - you would like to choose per draw, as well as your wager and how many consecutive drawings you'd like to enter for.
  2. The next step, the most important part, is when you pick which spots you'd like. For this you could decide to pick your favourite numbers or even some important birth dates. Alternatively, there is an option to have your numbers randomly chosen too if you just select easy pick option. You're choosing from 80 numbers in total, and you have up to 10 numbers to choose from for each playslip.
  3. At this point you can also decide whether you'd like to explore the extra, the Jack or kicker features, which we will explain in more detail later. You then take your playslip to the retailer, who then enters you for the draws and gets you a Michigan Lottery club keno ticket printed.
  4. Finally, you can find out the results and whether you have matched any winning numbers in the multiple drawings you have entered for at your retailer, but other ways to check are via entering your draw number on Michigan Lottery website or mobile app, where you can even watch drawings and view your results. To have won a prize you need your numbers to match with the winning numbers in the club keno drawing, and the same goes for the extra prize drawing.

Types of Prizes in Michigan Lottery Club Keno

michigan lottery club keno results.png

Michigan Lottery club keno has multiple prize options available to go with the original daily drawings, which enables you to win big prizes in numerous different ways in this game.

In club keno you even win a prize for getting zero numbers matched, getting $5 for 0 numbers on a 10-spot ticket.

Extra Prizes

The extra prize is a unique feature of Michigan Lottery club keno, which will cost double however much you wagered on each ticket. For the extra feature, there are more numbers drawn, which allows people to see whether they have won in addition to the normal club keno prize draw. The extra draw prize for a 10-spot is an enormous $10 million, so it is well worth entering.

The Kicker Prizes

The kicker feature of club keno is arguably the most appealing as you're given a number to multiply your original prize by in the club keno drawing for double your wager. You're given the number randomly, with the possibilities for your kicker number being 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 10 if you decide to go for it.

This prize feature enables you to multiply your original prize by your kicker number, which opens you up to huge payouts. Say for example you were to have three numbers matched in the original draw and you land a 3-spot which paid out 25x your wager, if your kicker number was 2 you would then receive your original payout multiplied by the kicker.

The maximum prize amount for a 10-spot with a 10x kicker option for just one draw is a phenomenal $20 million. Though this prize for a single drawing is attractive, the odds of your kicker number being 2 or above is 1:1.74, and that's without factoring how difficult winning is in the original prize draw.

Additionally, the kicker feature cannot be applied to either the extra draw or the Jack.

The Jack Prizes

Playing the Jack means that you enable yourself at a chance at the progressive jackpot. Opting in makes your wagers greater by $1 per draw, but it does give you a chance at the top prize which is estimated at $28,727 currently on the Michigan Lottery website.

In order to win that jackpot, you need to have eight out of eight numbers matched in the club keno drawing with those numbers being easy to pick numbers at the bottom of your ticket. Prizes for entering the Jack are as follows:

Numbers matchedPayout
8 of 8Jackpot
7 of 8$350
6 of 8$50
5 of 8$5
4 of 8$1

Is Michigan Lottery Club Keno worth it?

The fact that you can even receive a prize of $5 for not even managing to match a single number in the club keno drawing results certainly makes it worth it. Though like keno the overall odds of winning in club keno are extremely low, it's a fun game that's slow-paced with low stakes, meaning it is affordable and you're unlikely to get carried away. In short, it's a good alternative to the most popular online slots or easy casino games for beginners.

club keno michigan lottery

Moreover, the fact that it has three other offers for prizes allows you to really spice things up and give yourself more opportunities to come away from club keno draws with a huge win.

If you reside in Michigan and haven't ever given it a try, maybe it is about time you discover this game and the super popular Michigan Daily Spin to Win!

Remember also that Michigan residents can legally play casino games online on license websites like the ones we list on our page dedicated to the top real money online casinos Michigan.

All those websites are legal, authorized to promote real money games, and offer special bonuses to all new players that may help you win more than at Club Keno!

Frequently Asked Questions about Michigan Lottery Club Keno

Who can play the Michigan Lottery club keno online?

Only those who live in Michigan or are in the state and can visit a local club keno retailer can play Michigan Lottery club keno. You can find your local retailers of the game on the Michigan Lottery website if you want to play the game. Additionally, by having an account on the Michigan Lottery website, you can also take part in the Michigan Daily Spin to Win.

Do I need to be in Michigan to play club keno games on the Michigan Lottery website?

Yes, if you want to play Michigan Lottery club keno you will need to be in Michigan. You buy tickets in-store only at a local retailer in Michigan and then you can watch draws by entering your draw number on the Michigan Lottery website or mobile app.

Can you win a progressive jackpot on Club Keno?

Yes you can win a progressive jackpot by entering the Jack prize draw for $1 more on top of your original wager. At the time of writing the estimated jackpot is $28,727.

How many numbers do I need to win money on Club Keno?

It depends what spot game you decide to play for each draw, but the minimum amount of numbers you need to win on a 10-spot is actually 0. For 0 the payout is $5, while it jumps up to 5 numbers matched to win money after 0.

How much does it cost to play Michigan Lottery Club Keno?

The minimum stake for a Michigan Lottery club keno ticket is $1, while other stakes are $2, $3, $4, $5, $10 and $20. To enter the extra prize draw or the kicker, you will need to double your wager and the Jack requires you to add $1 to your original wager.

Can I play Michigan Lottery Club Keno for free?

Unfortunately no, there are no current free-to-play versions of Michigan Lottery club keno. The minimum wager is just $1 though, so it is a very affordable game and it doesn't require you to put down big stakes.

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