Red Dog

Learn how to play Red Dog Poker, the fun and addictive poker game offered by all the best online casinos!

Red Dog

Red Dog is an exciting casino card game variation of the popular poker home game, "Acey-Duecey" or "In-Betweens”. The game is very simple to learn and play and is available on many CasinoSmash partner sites.

Red Dog is played against the dealer and not against other players. To being play, players must place a wager, and then click the DEAL button to receive two cards. The object of Red Dog is to bet that the next card will be ranked between the ranks of the two cards already received.

Cards are ranked 2 – Ace with Aces always being high. The suits of the cards are not relevant to any aspect of the game.

The odds of a player hitting a card that is in between the two initially dealt cards varies depending on the "spread" of the cards. For example if the first two cards were 5 and 10, then the spread would be 4, since 4 card values are between 5 and 10. A favorable spread to the player is 7 or more.

If the two cards dealt to the player are consecutive cards then the hand is considered a "push" due to there being no spread, and the player’s bet is refunded. If the two cards are identical, then a third card is dealt, and if you hit 3-of-a-kind you are then paid out 11/1. If the third card is not a match, then the hand is also a push.

If there is a spread between the two original cards, the player has the option of placing an additional bet up to the amount of the original wager. This provides the player a chance to increase their bet when the spread is in the player’s favor and keep the bet the same when the spread is in the house’s favor. In Red Dog players are betting that the third card dealt will fall between the spread.

If the third card matches either card or falls outside the spread then you lose your bets. However, if the third card is in between the player’s first two cards then all of the player’s bets will be paid out according to the following Red Dog payout structure: (show Red Dog payout chart)

* 1 card spread - Pays 5:1

* 2 card spread - Pays 4:1

* 3 card spread - Pays 2:1

* 4+ card spread - Pays 1:1 (Even Money)

* Consecutive cards - Push

* Pair - Push

* 3-of-a-kind - Pays 11:1

Red Dog Strategy

The optimal Red Dog strategy is very simple, since players should only place an additional bet when the spread is 7 or higher. The other bets – 6 spread or lower serve the casino and have an extremely high house edge.

Therefore any additional wagers on a spread lower than 7 should always be avoided. Keeping to this easy, but very effective Red Dog strategy can provide financial benefit in the long run even though a 1:1 payout may not look as tempting as a 5:1 payout. The following list provides the payouts and odds of winning in Red Dog for each card spread:

Card spread Pays Odds of winning

1 5:1 8%

2 4:1 15%

3 2:1 23%

4 1:1 31%

5 1:1 39%

6 1:1 46%

7 1:1 54%

8 1:1 62%

9 1:1 70%

10 1:1 77%

11 1:1 85%

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