Chumba Casino: Tips and Tricks to Play Games at Chumba

Chumba Casino Tips

  • Chumba Casino accepts all players from US and Canada
  • It's one of the most popular gaming sites in the world
  • Use these Chumba Casino tips to play and win!

A few days ago, I wasted a few minutes of my life on a YouTube Video titled "How to Hack Online Casinos / Burn Through Play-Through Requirements."

The video is a scam, obviously. But that's not the most shocking part.

What really shocked me is that more than 120,000 people watched it, liked it, and even left a comment about it.

Wow! The hacking software works great! Making $20,000 a day! (Youtube user: rbolo29)

Apparently, there are all sorts of people out there - including those who believe a 6-minute video is a key to get rich.

Right when I thought the stupidest thing one could do was to play Casino games on unlicensed Casino sites lured in by the promise of fat cash prizes that will never materialize, I learned there's a whole universe of videos that teach you how to triumph in real money online gambling.


Let's do something about this.

If you are looking for a good online gaming platform where you can enjoy great Casino games as a US player and where you do not need to worry about any play-through requirement, I have the solution for you.

Stop watching those useless videos that damage the image of the Casino industry. With the Chumba Casino tips I am about to give you, you are in for a fun ride.

Useful Tips on Chumba Casino

In case this is the first time you hear about Chumba Casino, here are a few links that should help you understand what this social gaming site is about.

Feel free to go through them and then come back to this tips guide if you think that's useful.

In short, Chumba is a free-to-play social gaming site where you find great Slot machine, Roulette, Blackjack, and Video Poker games.

This desktop / mobile Casino does not come with a sports betting platform but, if you are looking for something more than a collection of online Casino games, they also have a pretty good online poker app where you can play games (no real cash involved) with players from all over the world.

Chumba Casino Video Poker

As a free-to-play online gaming site, Chumba Casino accepts US players - and that's great news if you want to access a pool of really good Casino games from the US.

Attention: the Chumba Casino tip and tricks on this article are not supposed to make you rich beyond your wildest dreams or to help you win real cash prizes for millions of dollars. I am sure you can find enough free videos to help you with.

These Chumba Casino tips help you find the best Casino games, have the best of times when you play the top online Slots, and get so many free bonuses and Chumba Sweeps that you'll never have to top-up your account with any cash in-app purchase.

Let's begin.

The Casino Bonus

The way Chumba Casino bonus works is very straightforward: you need to sign up for a free account to receive a casino promo that includes 2,000,000 Gold Coins and free sweepstakes credits.

Your bonus includes two different items because Chumba Casino features two in-game currencies: Gold Covery and Sweepstakes Credits

Both can be used to play the very same social Casino games and - despite what some reviewers say - there's no such thing as sweepstakes games Chumba Casino.

The only difference in the two currencies is the result that Sweepstakes credits and Gold Coins can produce. You can read more about the difference between Gold Coins and Chumba Sweepsin my next Chumba tip.

On the bonus side of things, this Casino promo is the best one I could find for you and I know the 2,000,000 Gold Coins and the $2 Sweepstakes Credits will do the trick.

Especially because that's not the only Casino bonus you get.

TheChumba Casino promo calendar includes a wide range of promotion to continue playing Chumba games even after the initial Casino bonus is over.

They have regular free refills you can access from the homepage as well as a very active Facebook Page where you find info about the latest giveaway contest, industry news, or ways to earn more Chumba Casino Sweepstakes.

Gold Coins and Chumba Sweeps

Gold Coins are Chumba's free currency to gamble online. When you play with Gold Coins you don't spend anything - all the Slots games etc. are free and your only task becomes to enjoy the platform offered by Chumba Casino gaming.

Sweepstakes games are also free - although they can lead to real money prizes if you win more than $100 in Sweeps cash. I won't get into all the process that can turn Chumba Casino free Sweeps cash into real cash prizes because everything is explained extremely well on this page.

If you are interested in the Chumba Casino sweepstakes department I have one more tip for you: this one article is the one you need if you want to know how to get more free Sweeps cash.

The Casino Games

I hope you are not here to find tips, cheats, hacks or I don't know what else to gamble online and beat Chumba Casino games - because that's not going to happen.

My main tip about the games at this social gaming site is to try them all.

Chumba Casino tips and Tricks

Before you think that's the stupidest tip you have ever heard, let me add one more detail: all the Casino games at Chumba are original and exclusive.

While this means you won't find Starburst, SuperFlip, or Golden Goddess, the moment you open the Chumba Casino website you enter a universe made exclusively of games that you have never played before.

Think about it: when was the last time this happened at an online Casino?

Not only the Slots games are top-notch, but their attention to details and commitment to have only Casino games that they have developed in-house is a testament to the quality and dedication they put into the online gaming experience they offer.

Personally, I applaud that.

The Best Casino Strategy

Last, but not least, let's look at some Casino strategy tips to win more when you play online Casino games at Chumba.

Because even the best Casino bonus is just a useless Casino promo if you don't know what to do with it.

If you need help to increase your chances of winning, these Casino strategy articles will help you - guaranteed.

Video Slots Strategy

Blackajck Strategy

Roulette Strategy

Video Poker Strategy

Important Notice: This is not our latest article about the promotions at this online Casino. You might no longer be able to claim this offer. To know what bonuses are available right now, have a look at our Casino bonus page.

Disclaimer: Gambling is a game of chance and there's no sure-fire formula that guarantee winnings. You can improve your winning chances by using the right in-game strategies but there is no way to predict when a machine or a Casino game is going to pay. Also, this page contains affiliate links. If you click through and play, we might earn a commission. That’s what allow us to keep CasinoSmash free and bring you the best online Casino bonuses!

Bonus info: Terms and conditions apply to the offer. If something isn't clear, have a look at our review of Chumba Casino for the T&Cs in full. The offer on this article might have expired by the time you read it. Please refer to the review pages for the latest bonuses and promotions available.

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