Google Won't Ban Illegal Online Gambling. We Do.

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According to a statement issued by the Digital Industry Group (DIG), an association composed of online giants like Google, Yahoo!, Facebook, Twitter, and Microsoft, the ban of illegal gambling sites is not a duty search engines or Internet companies should be in charge of.

Once Australia's authorities started to examine the opportunity to introduce a system of filters or bans to keep Aussie punters away from non-legal gambling website, the tech giants decided to get their voice heard and express “concerns about legal liability in preventing access to commercial websites,” - even when these operate against the law.

"To block Australian punters from accessing illegal offshore betting websites is unworkable and the gambling industry should not look to the tech giants to help solve its problems,” the companies said in a joint statement.

"We consider there to be fundamental flaws and significant practical difficulties with any attempts to filter the Internet such that it may not be possible to automatically block content.”

According to the statement from the DIG, the introduction of filters and bans would lead to controversies, especially in those cases where gambling operators offer both legal and illegal services.

"Who would determine whether a service is illegal and would entire websites be blocked if there are both legal and illegal services on the website?".

"We have concerns about legal liability in preventing access to commercial websites and question what safe harbours would be provided. Also, internet filters can be easily circumnavigated, and information about how to use virtual private networks (VPNs) is widely available. There is no existing legal precedent in Australia requiring Internet companies that are not ISPs to filter access to websites," the statement explains.

Figures released on Wednesday, Dec. 2, show that Australia's punters spent AUD$24.1 billion on gambling for the year to September, with a per capita spending of nearly AUD$1,000. Australia's Federal Government believes more than $1 billion to be wagered every year on illegal offshore operators.

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